Filmi Escapes – The First Ever Travel Guide on Popular Film Locations in India

Ahoy Travellers!

This is one crazy news for you all, if you love Bollywood and love travelling. Do you want to spruce up your “filmi” quotient with “dialogues” from popular movies? Do you wish to learn about anecdotes, trivia and exciting facts about popular films? Then, Filmi Escapes is the book for you. Lonely Planet India has announced the launch of ‘Filmi Escapes’ travel guide, the first-ever travel guide on popular film locations in India.

Special offer: If you pre-order a copy before 15th November you will also get a copy of Summer Holidays AND shipping free. The Filmi Escapes guide can be purchased from

Some Facts: 

  • First-ever travel guide on popular film locations in India.
  • Full-colour guide with stunning images of movies and the stars.
  • Celebrity interviews on destinations and films they love.
  • Must-see sights and experiences.