Smart Travel Accessory: Universal Pocket Charger by Pebble

That one thing without which we can’t certainly travel these days is our smart-phone! From clicking pictures, listening to music, doing FB check-ins, using maps for navigation to using search for reading more about the places, we do it all on our phones. Infact, there are many occasions when our smart-phone camera replaces our DSLR. After all it isn’t easy to carry the heavy duty equipment every time.

The only thing that isn’t smart about most smart-phones is their battery life. Typically the way we use them, smartphone battery runs out of juice the same day and in some cases it is worse. For instance, most of the iPhone users complain about battery problems and the need to charge repeatedly.

Variety of utility power banks available these days seem to be solving the eternal power problem. The recently launched universal portable chargers by Pebble is a new addition to this category.

Pebble universal portable charger is a sleek and compact charger having a battery capacity of 2400 mAh which means it will charge a normal smartphone to more than 100% in one go. It would charge an iPhone 5 which has a battery of 1400mAh, 1.5 times and a Nexus 4 which has a battery capacity of 2100 mAh once.

The product is available on leading e-commerce portals such as Flipkart, Amazon etc. at a discount price of Rs. 975/-


  • 2400 mAh battery capacity means it’s bigger than most of the universal pocket chargers. It supports charging of most modern smartphones
  • 4 connectors make it easy to charge different phone types.
  • It charges the phone faster than most charger.
  • The compact size make it easy to carry the product with you.
  • You can simultaneously charge the charger and the phone on its two separate ends.
  • There is a built-in LED torch although most smartphones have a torch application these days.


  • The connectors miss out on support for iPhone 5. This means you’ll have to use your own iPhone 5 charging cable.
  • There is no indicator to check the consumption status of the portable charger.

The product manual lists support for digital camera, play-stations and more although we haven’t tested the same.


Pebble portable charger is very light in weight and is something you won’t mind carrying around while travelling.


The packaging bundle includes 1 USB Cable, the Power Bank and 4 connectors.


It’s sleek, slim and would easily fit in your pocket.


While the product bundle includes 4 connectors to support iPhones, micro and mini-usb charging sadly there is no connector for iPhone 5 and above.


To charge your smart-phone, you need to attach the micro-usb connector to the cable and the connect the micro-USB end to the pocket charger.


When connected with Nexus 4 phone it showed the power supply source as AC which is definitely a plus for faster charging.


The USB output is for charging your phone and the micro-USB output is for charging the pocket charger. The blue light coming out of the USB means that the pocket charger is getting charged.


For those with a bigger need Pebble has also introduced a portable Charger of 5200mAh capacity that will charge your phones upto 400% in one go.


It can charge ALL phones and virtually any tablet, digital camera, mp3 player, play-stations and other USB devices. The product is available on leading portals such as Flipkart at a discounted price of Rs. 1925/-