Travel Smart with Skyscanner to Brazil

During childhood, we were always fascinated with the Countries-Capitals game as not only did it improve our geography, it also gave us an opportunity to learn about new nations, their people, flags, cultures and much more. Amongst all the countries, I was really fascinated by South America’s largest nation Brazil. From downloading the wallpapers of Christ to the Redeemer statue & Iguazu Falls to watching Ronaldo emerge as a rising star during 1994 soccer world-cup to dancing to the tunes of Vengaboys hit ‘To Brazil’, I did it all with a hope to visit Brazil someday, sometime!

About a couple of decades later, with sights at World Cup Soccer 2014, it would be fitting to visit my favourite destination Brazil this year and fulfil the much cherished childhood dream. When you first think about Brazil, for any average guy it would mean burning that hard earned money or even taking a bank loan in-order to make this trip happen 🙂 But hey with a little bit of planning, you could travel smartly to your dream destination as well! Here are some tips to travel smart to this dream destination.

1. Lonely Planet’s Travel Guide to Brazil

The first thing that is a must for any smart traveller is a Lonely Planet Travel guide. I would pick Lonely Planet’s Brazil travel guide for the comprehensive & authentic tips it offers about the destination from food to places to visit.

Brazil Travel Guide

2. Smart-Planning: Setting the duration of my trip

Now that I have chosen my destination and grabbed a Brazil travel guide, the next thing I would decide upon is the number of days of my trip. This would depend on where all I want to go in Brazil and what all I would want to do. In addition, the duration would include the time in travelling to/from the destination. A day here or there could impact my trip budget especially when I’m going to an international destination.

3. Smart-Booking with Skyscanner: This is a defacto 🙂 I will plan my tickets with Skyscanner which is rising fast as one of the smartest hotel/flight aggregators around. World Cup Soccer 2014 kicks-off in June 2014 with quarterfinals beginning from last week of June 2014. The mega final takes place on 13th July 2014. So it’s that the time of the year to book my tickets.


Skyscanner for Booking my Tickets

In addition, Skyscanner has this little utility called ‘Best Time to Book‘ which tells you what’s the best time to book to a destination to get a bargain flight.


4. Smart Power Bank: Extra Battery Juice for Smartphones  When you’re travelling your phone stays on the battery mode for long hours and sometimes you don’t find power-points for long periods. Like most smartphone owners, I’ve this flair of taking random pictures of places I travel to. In addition, I heavily use Google maps to navigate to a new place which requires 3G and that means my iPhone 5 battery dies down really fast. This time around, I would carry a smart-travel accessory with me 🙂 I’ll be taking a good power bank with a capacity of 2000+ mAh to ensure that I’ve that extra battery juice for my long trips.

5. BackPacks/Rucksacks for easy mobility I think in Brazil, I’d be doing a lot of exploration and going to unknown/undiscovered places. For mobility and convenience, I would be moving my stuff around backpacks/rucksacks which are very convenient for travelling. Large backpacks or rucksacks in excess of 40L ensure that we’re carrying most of the stuff with us when we’re moving around. Also, the typical trolleys and briefcases are very difficult to carry.


Backpacks for Mobility

6. Tablet or Laptop or None? On my previous international trips, I’ve had this problem of carrying too many gadgets with me and later on increasing the load on my shoulders. I’ve learnt from the experience of my previous trips, so for Brazil I will just carry my iPad and iPhone. I think I’d be able to do away with Macbook during my trip since the tablet would replace it for most of the needs whether it’s Surfing, Blogging, Skype calls or checking my emails.

Tablet over a Laptop

Tablet over a Laptop

7. Smart DSLR Camera Bag The need for a Smart DSLR bag is a must if you’re an amateur photographer who carries DSLR with a lens or two in addition to the smartphone camera. I think a good DSLR camera bag can reduce the need of an add-on bag while you’re travelling within the city during the day. For instance, I’ve got a new DSLR camera sling bag to replace my old Nikon leather bag which easily manages the camera with an add-on Zoom lens, the lens hood, battery. What’s more, it’s got a couple of side-pockets where you can keep a small water bottle to quench your thirst during long walks.

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