Once Upon a Time in Malaysia Dobara (Chapter II)

I was doing a routine email check and this mail from Blogadda team made me forget everything else and I jumped to write this blog-post. Before anything else, here goes a big thank you to Tourism Malaysia and Blogadda.com for this initiative. While for many folks this contest is a fantastic opportunity to experience Malaysia, on the other hand for few others it also gives a moment to revive wonderful memories of my 1st travel to this wonderful country.

I first visited the country in 2011, and loved every bit of Malaysia – It’s rich culture, hospitality and vibrant tradition. However, as they say all good things come in small packages, my visit left me desiring for more as I knew the nation had so much to offer and I had only tasted a bit of the experience. Back then Malaysia for me was about the Petronas and Genting Highlands & like typical Indian travellers, I knew very little about anything else. Back then, I was single and was visiting Malaysia in a group tour with my parents and there were always limitations in-terms of how much I could explore, where I could go and how much time I could spend at a particular place.

Much has changed since then! This year in 2014, I would like to embark on my 2nd visit to Malaysia & take my wife along who has never been to the nation and together we’d like to taste what Malaysia has to offer to us a couple.

While the Malaysian tourism website lists Top 25 experiences, I don’t think you can limit the Malaysian experience by any number since there are many any un-documented things which you can only feel and they can’t be described in words. Take for instance, sitting at the KLCC park in the evening & adoring the beautiful view of the brightly lit-up Petronas Towers or taking a monorail or walking around in the KL Bird Park. Where in India would you imagine meeting birds out in the open or watching a live bird show! 

Experience 1: Sabah, the Land Below the Wind

The first place that I would like to go to is the picturesque easterly state of Sabah, home to South Asia’s highest peak – Mount Kinabalu. I have read some inspiring stories of trek to Kinabalu & for the trekker in me, it would be an opportunity to fulfil the much cherished dream to climb Mt. Kinabalu.

I have heard that one can find find the world’s largest butterflies and giant earthworms at the Kinabalu Park. I’d like to capture the amazing flora and fauna of Sabah and go on nature walk in the park. I can imagine what a fascinating experience it must be to be in the place, adore the lush greenery around, look around for rains and be yourself in the lap of Nature.

Kinabalu Park

Kinabalu Park

Experience 2: Cameron Highlands in Pahang State

If I were to put it, I would say that the next place in my list is Malaysia’s very own Coorg.

Situated 1500m above sea level, Cameron Highlands is one of the highest points in Malaysia accessible by car. I would like to visit Cameron Highlands for its beautiful strawberry farms, rediscover my love for tea with the sprawling tea estates and breathtaking views. I’d also like to explore the bee farms, butterfly farms and the Brinchang Night Market.

One of the moments which I’d like to experience is just sit back, relax and explore the gorgeous view of Malaysian countryside.

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands

Experience 3: Bako National Park, Sarawak

I’ve never been to a National Park abroad. I don’t know how does the experience sound. I would love to see what the Malaysian Wildlife has to offer. I am a big fan of wildlife, vegetation, jungle streams, beaches, trails and rain forests.  The eco-minded adventurer in me would like to embark on a trip to Bako National Park which offers all of that and more.

Bako National Park

Bako National Park

Experience 4: Honeymooner’s Paradise, Romantic Islands of Langkawi

We’re a beach couple so there’s no way we can miss the white sand beaches and the sweeping coastlines of Langkawi. In Langwaki, we’d like to laze around at Pantai Cenang, which is perhaps the most popular beach in the area. With its turquoise blue waters and fine white sand, the Langkawi beaches would be the perfect antidote to our hectic lifes.

Experience 5: Go for Shopping in Kuala Lumpur

Here’s one honest confession: I am not a shopaholic, but it a little bit of shopping here and here doesn’t hurt anyone 🙂 With better half for company, I won’t have any other choice anyways 🙂 I’d like to just spend a couple of days in KL to Shop & to Eat. After all, Kuala Lumpur is home to 3 of the world’s biggest shopping malls. Shopping for souvenirs, local specials and what-not as I know after a long holiday in Malaysia everyone back home would be waiting for their gifts.


Shopping at BBKLCC, the stretch from Bukit Bintang to Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Here are some of my moments from the Memorable Malaysian trip in 2011

Just look at the bright colours: Shades of Green, Red, Yellow & Blue!!

#DSC_0217 (857) copy

That’s me at the KLCC area with Petronas infront of me


Taken at KL Bird Park

#DSC_1007 (6)

One of the fishes at the KLCC Acquaria

#DSC_0217 (179)

The surreal waterfalls beautifully captured with my Nikon D3000 at Bird Park

#DSC_0217 (218)-2

I don’t remember where this mall was located but it was away from the business area of KL.

#DSC_0217 (193)

How many milky storks can you spot? Taken at KL Bird Park

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